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See below for a selection of limited edition and collectible Bastille the Butler exclusives and his Spreadshirt store to order t-shirts and accessories!


The limited edition small run items below are hand crafted by independent artists and small business in partnership with Bastille. These are only available from Bastille at shows he has a booth or in select retail locations in and around North East Florida. See below each for location availability.


Bastille's first pin to collect and trade! Art by AunumArts. Also has a special offer from Video Game Rescue on the back of the packaging.

Coming Soon to ...


The origin of Bastille revealed! This inaugural mini-novella features cover art by Thomas Tenney.


Coming Soon to ...

BASTILLE's spreadshirt store

Browse below for a selection of items in Bastille's Spreadshirt shop. If you have any issues viewing the shop below, visit directly at https://shop.spreadshirt.com/BTBshop/all

hot sauce

Bastille's exclusive "Trinity-Berry' flavored hot sauce by Sideshow Hot Sauces!

On sale soon!


Bastille's exclusive Vanilla Raspberry Creme flavored coffee by Coffee Shop of Horrors!

On sale soon!