See below for a selection of Bastille the Butler limited edition and collectible exclusives and on demand t-shirts and accessories!


The limited edition small run items below are hand crafted by independent artists

and small business in partnership with Bastille. These are only available here.

Shipping is estimated for US ONLY. No sales outside the US will be processed. 

hot sauce

Bastille's exclusive "Trinity-Berry' flavored hot sauce by Sideshow Hot Sauces!


Bastille's exclusive Vanilla Raspberry Creme flavored coffee by Coffee Shop of Horrors!

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ATTENTION: Due to the COVID19 pandemic and most events canceling or postponing we have been unable to sell merch at conventions. These were sales we were counting on to move forward on the next version of Bastille's Comic Book.


So we are now offering the last of Bastille's limited edition exclusive convention merch for sale below. These items are extremely limited in stock and once they are sold out some may never be produced again.


All proceeds from donations and sales will go toward funding the costs of producing the first pages of art with a professional comic artist. Thank you for helping support independent artists in these tough times.

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Bastille's Coffee Bundle featuring a Coffee Mug, a bag of Coffee, an logo sticker and a special surprise gift directly from Bastille himself! Plus your name in new comic book!

Bastille's first pin to collect and trade! Art by AunumArts. Also has a special offer from Video Game Rescue on the back of the packaging.



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